32GB Google Nexus 7 by Asus looks very likely with more image leaks

Reports of the Google Nexus 7 by Asus 32GB variant has been floating around the past week, and today the rumor is more plausible than ever with a new image that has been spotted by Android Central.

Initially it was from a Japanese owner of the Nexus 7 who purchased the 16GB model, however received a 32GB model instead by mistake. It has the available storage being 27GB, after deducting 5GB reserved for the operating system

Later, Droid Life obtained an image purportedly from Carphone Warehouse in the UK, listing the 32GB model of Nexus 7 together with the mysterious ‘Samsung Nexus 2’ phone. That was a double whammy, with the Samsung Nexus 2 being more interesting among the two if you ask me.

Today, a new image leak was pointed out by Android Central of what seems to be from UK retailer Dixons Stores Group (Currys/PC World). This time it has a price of £199.99 (RM983.10) for the 32GB model, which is reportedly the same price as the older 16GB model. If this is any true, the 16GB model will get a price drop to be on par with the 8GB model now.

Which brings us to this thought: the 16GB model of the Nexus 7 is RM999 here in Malaysia now; will the 32GB variant be available to us soon, and if so, will it get the same RM999 price tag while the 16GB model’s price be slashed?

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