Nano-SIM card template for iPhone 5

Just to throw this out out there. Shortly after the iPhone 5 was launched in the US, many have wondered whether regular-sized mini-SIMs or micro-SIM cards can be used with the new device after cutting it down to a nano-SIM-sized card.

Though the nano-SIM is thinner than previous generations, it is literally just a hair thinner, a 0.09mm difference. You may be able to feel the snugness when trying to shove the card in the tray, but it’s definitely non-damaging and will still work perfectly.

We regret to tell you all that our micro-SIM template for our nano-SIM cutter is missing. That means we can only cut regular mini-SIMs now, and not micro-SIMs.

Not too worry, we’ve discovered a nice little template first made aware to us by Sharon Vaknin of CNET. The PDF can be printed to an A4 paper to be used as a template for you DIY folks out there. Pro tip: use a sharp pair of shears.

Note that for some reason the measuring on the paper template seems to be smaller than in real life, so be careful not to over-cut your SIM cards.

That or you could get your SIMs replaced from Maxis, DiGi, Celcom or U Mobile.

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